Composite Panel (ALUCONAM)


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Advantages of Aluconam products compared to similar products in construction industry:
Aluconam products have wide application in construction industry.
The initial objective of composite panels was production of a material that would serve in lightening of building weights and offer a complete freedom in its architectural design. It was subsequently diverted to other industries as well. It is noteworthy that the advantages of Aluconam are by no means restricted in lightening building weights but it has many other benefits that are shown below.
1- Reduction of related expenses.
2- Facilitating forming and shaping procedures.
3- Removing restrictions in in utilizing different design ideals.
4- Keeping the paint durable without any change during forming operation.
5- Diversity of color and elimination of sun rays reflection.
6- Resistance against acidic rains and ultra violet rays.
7- Elimination of continuous cleaning.
8- Easy and variant infrastructure.
9- Possibility of replacing panels
10- Easy installation
11- Sound and heat insulation.

Color Chart

composite aluminum panel
Advantages of Aluconam panels compared to other aluminum panels.
Production of aluminum panels at Navard enjoys a number of advantages due to utilization of Nash hot mill technology.
1- Purchase internal made product with high quality at competitive prices.
2- Guarantee for fifteen (15) years
3-Work insurance for ten (10) years
4- Factory standard NO. 39/86/00012 applied for production of Aluminum composite panels.
5- Availability of products any time required.
6- Production of products in a variety of colors as required by the customers.
7- Production in dimensions those are not common.