Aluminum Clad

Brazing sheet is a composite material typically consisting of a core alloy and one or more liner alloy that are metallurgically
bonded (Clad) to the core alloy.
Navard is the only company in Iran that is capable of manufacturing aluminium brazing sheet.
Main Application for Aluminum Brazing Sheet:
1. Radiators
2. Heater Cores
3. Transmission Oil-Coolers
4. Air-Charge Cooler
5. Evaporators
6. Condensers
7. Industrials Heat Exchanges
8. Residential Air Conditioning Units
9. Kitchen Appliances, Various White Goods
Advantage of Aluminum Brazing Sheet:
1. Good heat dissipation
2. Long lifetime
3. Low weight
4. Use of affordable materials
5. Flexibility in design
Aluminum Brazing sheet
Clad Aluminum
Clad Strip